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Saturday, September 20, 2008


just saying...

its never easy to change even they always say that it is the only most possible thiNg that cud eve happen in our lives. there are times that you just wanna quit to everythin but why cant you stop? what's really stopping us from doing the right thing or just by doing sumthing different? are there reasons or we really just DONT WANA DO IT? mybe its about time to make reasons and actually do sumthing that mYT changE life 360 degrees... lets wait... or better yet lets do it... NOW!

THIS MAY SOUND SO VAGUE, because even at tHis point i cant be honest enuf to accept the reality im facig that im losing it all and i cant aDmit to myself that this is actually the BEST THING THAT CUD EVER HAPPEN TO ME!


new day new life new me

ill be editing some more of this in a weeks time....
pls wait
just saying...

for sure you will ask ,what is this all about, and i really wish i could easily just bare it all and tell the whole story... for the world to know what goes on after dad died...

money makes the world go round... and round and round and round. unfortunately, this is true. not that i am a cynic or a very pessimistic born bitch... I'm just getting real. a lot of choices in a person's life actually depends on money by 40%. ( i guess, from experience ) the remaining 60% are already divided to several factors that we take into considerations. sometimes its even hurting, that even if you don't have d money ur still affected by it, even more actually.

a lot has happened in my life that made me stronger. it all made me to be the very realistic, rational and practical person that i am now. fondly called "maldita" by the elders!!! i wont live for money alone or direct other people's life just because i have it at the same time that i won't mess someone else's life just because i don't have it. I'll ask help if im already in deep mud, but i never imagined that its better to just die in that deep mud than live in deep pain. wish we could all go back to the simple life that our great grandparents had, (except for the computers and cellphones.) where we would not have to trade our life for what only money can buy. where money is just a form of business, not our life.

it is true that money makes the world go round, but it actually CANNOT stop it from going so. it still just goes with it and comes again with it.

so to us, who may have d money today or none, just don't forget that time will come that it will our time! or if it is our time now, tomorrow might not be anymore. be careful of the choices we make, the words we utter, the looks we give... or, just like trash, it will also come back to you.

good karma to everyone!!!


just saying...


A rose with thorns in her heart

Hangs in a hanging bridge

Of what may come!

Once a princess in your heart

Is now a rag of stains in your thoughts.

All I’ve ever wanted

Is perfect happiness around your arms

I never meant to be

A pain your ass

A problem to be solved

A cross for you to carry

A burden for you to load.

Never did I imagine

That in the years we’ve spent our lives,

We maybe apart then

But together again now

I did not plan nor think

Of hurting you, of causing you tears and pain.

With my actions that causes your nerve to rise,

With my words that makes your blood go high,

I really mean to say,

Next time, if not perfect at all

I’ll be very good just to deserve your love.

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