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Friday, October 11, 2013

Oh well!

just saying...

well well well
bitches fold and angels get mad...
i have no idea that G-O-D was listening when i was crying and touched someone's common sense!!!
there are things that you know when you're right. you just know it.
and when you are wrong... you just accept it.
maybe not immediately, but sooner or later.. it will pop up in your head and makes you think twice.

still, truth is i am a winner.
i made my point and i have stood silently crying my sweet victoy.

she folds... i spoke.

i want to be mad because it took her days to realize how much she hurt one person... one team.
but still, i thank the heavens for giving me a reason to smile now...
Losing one and gaining seven more is the sweetest reward of fighting for the truth of my dignity.

she knew i hated her... she felt it, she deserved it, she got what's needed to be done.
i hope, since it has ended, lessons will be learned. new foundations could be built.

after all... i dont have plans on seeing her for the next years of my life...

.........just bitchin but loving.....
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