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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bethany House of Sto. Nino - closest to my heart.

Ever since I was around 10 years old, we have been visiting this orphanage.

It was here where my first exposure for our Sto. Rosario church in Makinabang was held.
It was here where my first catechetical guild outreach program was held.

It was here where I finally became a  "parent"!

I have been frequenting this place for many years already. but this October 2014 visit was different.
we came back! we came big.  we came -  A lot!
My uncles joined me, my grandmother was with us too. My Ninang Delia and my Uncle Thippa from NY was with me too.

We brought lots of stuff for the children and for the whole house. We also have packed foods which we shared altogether.

as always, a visit to Bethany is a knock on my head. it is always a reminder that I do not have the right to question my God for all my "undelivered" wishes! 

I have visited several houses already, I have to say that the kids here are all behaved, sweet and really respectful.

One thing nice during our visit is, when we were there, a group of policemen and women from Camp Alejo in Malolos City came too. They brought some packed foods as well, They also have diapers, groceries and a lot more. The best news is, all these came from all of their donations - from their own packets. We salute you sirs and mams!!!

 here are the contact details for Bethany. I hope you can also come and visit them.

Please get in touch with their directress, Sr. Analyn. She is very kind and accommodating. I've known her for about 12 years already since when she was just a young nun attending to the kids, now, she became the directress already.

Tabe, Guiguinto, Bulacan, Philippines
Contact Nos.: (63)-044-794 0200 / 044-690 2163
Email: bhso_orph2003@yahoo.com

Bahay ni San Jose - Special Children who deserve more love!

"Special children are loved by Special Families"

Just less than 3 weeks ago, we went to Bethany House Sto. Nino Orphanage. Sr. Analyn of Bethany mentioned their house in Tarlac City. I was surprised that right after November 1, my Uncle Edgar was already asking details and he wants me to coordinate our trip to Tarlac. It was very hard since I cannot get in ttouchwith Sr. Analyn last Nov. 2. I searched my very reliable partner - Mr. google. And, Alas, I was able to get in touch with Sr. Leoncia Mateo. To my delight, that she was one of the sisters who opened and spearheaded Bethany in Guiguinto

Truly, the road to greatness is very hard. literally hard for this trip. The house is located "inside" a very tall grassy savannah. Long stretch of rough and dusty roads. finally, very beautiful solemn church songs can be heard form about some meters away from their own chapel. They have a mass for us. It was very touching.  

We also brought some gifts for the whole house. Shared some snacks together.

The chapel was also donated by various benefactors. It was very quiet, windy and white. :)

We shared foods as well. It is such a joy how they loved to eat and they were excited for all our other gifts for them. We are hoping to comeback. they invited us to their anniversary celebration.

Please get in touch with Sr. Leoncia of Bahay ni San Jose.

Bahay ni San Jose Home for God's Special Children
Block 3, Brgy San Jose, Tarlac City, Tarlac
Cellphone # 0917-5121349

This is also managed by the Dominican Sisters who are are taking care of Bethany House in Guiguinto.

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