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Monday, April 9, 2012

TATAY'S 7th anniversary in heaven

Today is April 9, 2012... a lot of years ago, this same day is celebrated as our "ARAW NG KAGITINGAN"... seven years ago on this same day, it is not a celebration but instead a day of grief and sadness because we lost our most beloved patriarch... JOSE "PEPING" SAMSON. Come to think of it... being a war veteran and a life survivor - the day he passed away fits a true blodded guerilla!!!
Well, eversince Nanay and Tatay were young, they were fighters and survivors... a rags to riches story, a young love that stood time.
Tatay, known as "jope" to some, "peping" to some is our Eddie Garcia look alike... strict but loving. He was JP's spoiler... He was our disciplinarian at the same time, our "police chief" - we would always come running to him if we like to make "sumbong" anything. Tatay's voice was like a thunder roar... we are all silenced when he yells.
One story that stayed on my mind a while ago is; while me, kuya Jeje and Clarissa was in the room this evening, with the "Samsonites" (kids)... we tried scolding them because they were all jumping on the bed, running in the whole house, screaming - things we actually did like 20 years ago - when Tatay was still alive!!! we all just told them to stop, and told them  that if Tatay was there, They would be beaten with broomsticks or softbrooms!!! and the kids continued asking questions about Tatay and we gladly told them how Tatay was... 

It's sad to think that this little ones are unfortunate they were not able to meet the real "Samson" that raised their fathers!!! 

Tatay.. we miss you and we love you so much... you are never forgotten!!!

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