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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Birthday my Nea!

You are my Life! You are my inspiration. 
Everytime I get praises and people tell me that My NiƱa Emilia is being raised well, has manners and breeding, and that you are such a good girl - you just don't know it but I am sooo flattered and thankful that Mama Mary helped me to raise you that well. 

I must have done something so good in my life to deserve you as my gift. You are so sweet and topakin, you are smart and yet so kalog. You are so kikay and feeling artista!!!

 I can see how you are as a woman soon, coz this early you give advices to me to be strong. You are growing up to be my bestfriend. 

You rock my world Nea. You will ways be my superstar!!!

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