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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bethany House of Sto. Nino - closest to my heart.

Ever since I was around 10 years old, we have been visiting this orphanage.

It was here where my first exposure for our Sto. Rosario church in Makinabang was held.
It was here where my first catechetical guild outreach program was held.

It was here where I finally became a  "parent"!

I have been frequenting this place for many years already. but this October 2014 visit was different.
we came back! we came big.  we came -  A lot!
My uncles joined me, my grandmother was with us too. My Ninang Delia and my Uncle Thippa from NY was with me too.

We brought lots of stuff for the children and for the whole house. We also have packed foods which we shared altogether.

as always, a visit to Bethany is a knock on my head. it is always a reminder that I do not have the right to question my God for all my "undelivered" wishes! 

I have visited several houses already, I have to say that the kids here are all behaved, sweet and really respectful.

One thing nice during our visit is, when we were there, a group of policemen and women from Camp Alejo in Malolos City came too. They brought some packed foods as well, They also have diapers, groceries and a lot more. The best news is, all these came from all of their donations - from their own packets. We salute you sirs and mams!!!

 here are the contact details for Bethany. I hope you can also come and visit them.

Please get in touch with their directress, Sr. Analyn. She is very kind and accommodating. I've known her for about 12 years already since when she was just a young nun attending to the kids, now, she became the directress already.

Tabe, Guiguinto, Bulacan, Philippines
Contact Nos.: (63)-044-794 0200 / 044-690 2163
Email: bhso_orph2003@yahoo.com

Bahay ni San Jose - Special Children who deserve more love!

"Special children are loved by Special Families"

Just less than 3 weeks ago, we went to Bethany House Sto. Nino Orphanage. Sr. Analyn of Bethany mentioned their house in Tarlac City. I was surprised that right after November 1, my Uncle Edgar was already asking details and he wants me to coordinate our trip to Tarlac. It was very hard since I cannot get in ttouchwith Sr. Analyn last Nov. 2. I searched my very reliable partner - Mr. google. And, Alas, I was able to get in touch with Sr. Leoncia Mateo. To my delight, that she was one of the sisters who opened and spearheaded Bethany in Guiguinto

Truly, the road to greatness is very hard. literally hard for this trip. The house is located "inside" a very tall grassy savannah. Long stretch of rough and dusty roads. finally, very beautiful solemn church songs can be heard form about some meters away from their own chapel. They have a mass for us. It was very touching.  

We also brought some gifts for the whole house. Shared some snacks together.

The chapel was also donated by various benefactors. It was very quiet, windy and white. :)

We shared foods as well. It is such a joy how they loved to eat and they were excited for all our other gifts for them. We are hoping to comeback. they invited us to their anniversary celebration.

Please get in touch with Sr. Leoncia of Bahay ni San Jose.

Bahay ni San Jose Home for God's Special Children
Block 3, Brgy San Jose, Tarlac City, Tarlac
Cellphone # 0917-5121349

This is also managed by the Dominican Sisters who are are taking care of Bethany House in Guiguinto.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

9 years of Daddy's long vacation

SEPTEMBER 20, 2014

Dear Daddy,

                9 years!!! 9 years that you have taken your long vacation... Come to think of it, 9 is my favorite number. But this time, my 9 will be different – it is sad. As always it still feels like it was just last night. The hurt never subsides. The pain never dies. I always tell anyone that asks me how I deal with your “happy vacation” -  kahit kelan hindi natatanggap, basta nakakasanayan lang. I have never moved on and perhaps will never will. 
         I cry buckets of tears when I hear songs with any father feelings. I always cry at movies that has father-daughter/son scenes. I cannot listen to John Denver songs. I still wear your jogging pants and old t-shirts. I still cannot smell the scent of Davidoff Cool Water. Yes, it has been a long time if I am going to count the days, but the length of days or months will never matter if I am going to measure the depths of my pain.
                Dad, you are kindda missing some big events this year.
Knowing you, you will just be around there like my brown butterfly.
 Ira is getting married. “We” will definitely be there. I still remember how much you want your “piƱa” barong and it must be Tesoro’s. You would have loved the foods for sure. Daddy, you are also missing Florence’s 7th birthday. This October too. “They” will be there. You know how I would love to be there for my Florence, but you also know how I hate to have a sight of her so called mother and all the  tactics and b!%(#y moves of that person as if she “owns”  the party.  Oh I’m sure she has so many “visitors”. She gave so much hurt to mommy.  I think, to make everyone at ease and be quiet, like what Jerome said, and I think that is also what Mom and Jp wanted - It would be best for me to not go. (and for the sake of  everyone, hehehe!!) They know I wouldn’t just sit and be quiet in a corner as she parades all over the place - as if she owns the place and as if she was the celebrant!  Oh daddy, I know you can see everything, I know you actually know the truth… I am sorry that I hate her.
                Daddy, I always tell you that a lot of things would have been different if you are still here. I terribly miss you. Thank you for always listening when I always call on your name. Daddy, I know you know what my plans are. I just pray that they all fall into place. Daddy, I am super grateful to your family… they are still taking care of us like how they took care of you. I am also grateful to find new people that I can add to our long list of good friends. Daddy, Jp and Jerome changed our lights to LED to minimize our consumption.  Mom and I are just having problems with our water pipes in the house.
                Dad, Tito Dan had a mild stroke. But don’t you worry, because he is ok now and will just probably undergo follow up check-ups and therapy. He will definitely be better each day.
                Daddy, I know that you are in a better place. I sincerely like the idea that you are no longer suffering physically. You are now having your derby with Peter. Most of all, Tatay Peping, Papa Segundino, Tito Boy, Ate Bella, Kuya Ato, Tito Narding and ate Bella are all there with you – you must be happy now.
            I love you so much. You are half of my being and I will 

forever treasure all our memories together and I still try to 

relive some of them. I will humbly live on your meaningful 

legacy and will try so hard to leave one like yours.

                                                             – just at least some of it.                

your princess needs you,

Thursday, September 4, 2014

An old friend

I have an old friend since we were kids.
Our families are friends too.
We were still friends about some time ago.
We were ok.
We just grew apart. So apart.
I know we still like each other.
I do not like to think of bad reasons why we grew apart.
I do not like to think of cheap shit news why we grew apart.
Now, good things are happening to us.
My old friend is about to enter a new chapter of one's book.
And I am definitely NOT a part of it.
Nor, will my old friend be ever a part of mine...
I can still be happy for my new friend...
Even if I know now that friends for my old friend is equated to a currency symbol.
Too bad... We are not friends anymore...
Specially now that my value is appreciating.
Or maybe they never guessed that.
Oh well.. Enjoy the good life...
I know we are better off separated...
I am still sincerely happy for you
even if I am a bit disappointed.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014


pure love is questionable, but sometimes it is unbreakable.

"You don't get to choose, you just fall in love and you get this person who is all wrong and all right at the same time. And you know you love them so much except sometimes they drive you completely insane- no one can explain it. And the reason it's so confusing is because it's love, and if love didn't have challenges, what would be the point?"
Joart and I just celebrated our 16 years of partnership. I am with mixed emotions. But I know this is something that cannot be taken for granted. We are remarkable. We can be an MMK candidate or a Valentine movie. In reality, we are really in-love; either to the idea of being in-love or to each other, it doesn't matter.

I saw this quote once a long time ago and I kept it in my notepad since then. I never tried memorizing it but I know I clearly remember the thought by heart.

16 long years of love (and hate. Hehe!!). Years of laughter and very long nights of tears. But almost a lifetime already of commitment to take care of each other when you are both sick. To just "be there" because you know that there is always someone who expects you to be their other end of the line. Undeniably, This must be something.
"Todo nang effort to!"

We've gone through storms stronger than Yolanda, we hit rock bottom already.  Now, even we, ask both ourselves what is it that made us stay together?

Maybe that is it... We never asked. We never doubted. We never questioned. We jaut don't wanna be apart - happy or not. Hehehe!!!

Prayer really works. Sometimes, that's the only thing that made us stick together. The strenght to still be with each other. The signs we get whether we have to keep going or to go away. Surprisingly, Jesus always makes some magic to show some itsy bitsy hope that maybe He still wants to see some of our  mala-teleseryeng love story.

After all... He is my Dao Ming Zi and I'm his San Chai.  We are each other's kryptonite at the same time that we are also each other's spinach! (just trace the logic. Hehe!) ;-)

Again... No fancy pictures in white or long papers with several signatures could define what we have...  A lot has happened that can't lead us there - YET. But since, you don't walk on our shoes and don't bother trying on... It won't ever fit- no room for questions... For the meantime.

Our mistakes - our efforts to make it right.
And mind you... These times are really big effort to change things for the better and bring back whatever is good from the past.

We may not be in a perfect situation of what you define as perfect in your perfect world... Some bad decisions were a choice in the past BUT Happiness is a chance for us now. 

For now, we kindda still need each other to complete whatever is lacking in our imperfect world. At least, give us that. ♥

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Thursday, June 5, 2014


I have not posted for quite a while. It seems that the hands of time were actually mad at me beating up my ass so fast. But as they say, Better be thankful for busy days than doing nothing.

Summer of 2012



Around almost the end of the year when I went to Cebu with my cousins and my Ninang (Godmother) Delia. These are the perks of having a good family with generous Ninangs and Titas. hehehe!!! Clarissa, Celena, Joan, Jane and Bea was with me. It was an all girls trip. At first, I said that it will be something like the usual travels that our family does from time to time. Early flights, non-stop chit chats, funny stories, old stories, foods and of course never ending picture taking. Thank God again for Digital cameras/DSLR or else we would be bringing rolls of films everywhere.

Cebu, the queen city of the south is like areas of Quezon City and Makati and Manila rolled into one smaller version and shipped to its location. But, more clean, more water around that makes it feel fresher maybe, mountain sides and landscapes somewhere. Other than that, I felt like a tourist in Manila.

We stayed at the Marriot Hotel. http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/cebph-cebu-city-marriott-hotel/
It was very nice, clean and comfortable with big bathrooms. One thing I can say that can make a trip more enjoyable is if you have a good hotel where you can call it a night and take a bath like you're at home!

It is the "getting to know the place day". That is by going to the familiar territories.
Had pictures. Went to the usual mall - Ayala mall, Dined in to the usual restos. We ate at Mesa. Yummy Filipino cuisines. Which is also found in Manila. And of course it was also hot!

We visited - "The Starbucks!" hehehe! (obviously we are coffee lovers)

Jane's birthday.
Jollibee breakfast joys. Pancakes, longanisa, egg and garlic rice.
or Chowking? I forgot.
This is the day I almost died - 37 floors above the ground.
In an orange suit, with a harness and with smiling faces around me. 

Ok, let me start by narrating the casual tourist attraction visits.

When we were in school, this is a famous entry in our Sibika at Kultura books. Cebu is equal to Magellan's Cross. We visited it, offered prayers and met the equally famous "mandarasals" in the shrine. It feels nostalgic to finally touch the cross. It also feels as if I am also a part of everything that transpired in that moment of history. I don't know if tourists from other countries would appreciate the value of that cross. But for us, Catholics and Filipinos, that Cross is really big in our hearts as tall as it stands there in that monument.

The Heritage of Cebu Monument right at the heart of a busy intersection. As a tourist, you go down of that van, take that umbrella and have a picture taken. Forget the noise, the smoke and the bystanders around you. Besides, they are not included in your camera lens!

 The Sto. Nino Basilica 
As I write this blog, The shrine have fallen apart already due to the strong earthquake that hit Cebu. 
When I saw what happened, as I watch the video clips of that falling shrine, I can't help but shed a tear. I felt so blessed that the Sto. Nino blessed me and my family and allowed us to visit that shrine, went to mass and just had pictures of that sacred place. Now, only in pictures that I can show my daughter Nea and my nieces how really beautiful and historic this Basilica is. We are very lucky.

This is the front part of the Basilica that collapsed.

This is the inside of the church. See how intricate and distinct the architecture of this church was... 
WAS is a sad word.

The Pedro Calungsod Shrine

This is something very close to us, Filipinos. We are so religious and having Pedro Calungsod alongside with Lorenzo Ruiz is truly a precious gift. The shrine is so solemn and we are fortunate though, that when we arrived at the church, there are only a couple of families visiting and having their pictures taken too.

This is a relic of Pedro Calungsod found in the shrine. 

 The Yap-San Diego Ancestral House
From the name, it is very old. Very famous Cebuano attraction. SO, we must have a picture taken. lol!

All nice. All smiles.
So, what made this second day death defying for me?? SKYWALK EXTREME!!!

Crown Regency, Skywalk Adventure - http://www.skyexperienceadventure.com/
The country’s first ever Sky Walk Extreme will give you that natural high by walking around translucent glass flooring on the edge of the Crown Regency Hotel & Towers with an overhead safety harness at the main outer rim of the building,126.55 meters high above the street. The Sky Walk Extreme gives you a nerve-racking feeling as if you are floating on cloud nine. It is widely known to be the 4th in the world and first in the Philippines. Whether you start your Sky Walk Extreme escapade in the morning or at nighttime, expect to see a spectacle from the breath-taking view of the city with your family and friends. Experience this kind of adventure at the 37th floor 
As we stroll the city in our rented van, We saw the Crown Regency Hotel. There were several structures on top it. Including the famous edge coaster. So we passed by... then they decided to stop!!! Go up the hotel... paid for my excruciating fear!!!

I have Fear of Heights. I am Acrophobic. I admit that. Even roller coaster rides are unbearable for me. But I because I love my cousins who dared me to walk hand in hand with them - " at edge of the 37th floor, on a glass walkway. - wait - no!! we walked - OUTSIDE of the building!!! I was literally shaking. My knees were trembling. My sweat was ice cold. I can feel that my stomach and all of my internal organs were shaking too. And because I love these girls so much... I gave in. But they had to deal with me. The walk was supposed to be only 10-15 minutes. It took us 15-20-25 minutes maybe. I have to stop and  let go of my tears once in a while.

But when the camera clicks, I'm still smiling and of course, the attendant never left my side. They know I could have a panic attack right there - on top. Well, good thing we have our doctor Clarissa with us! hehehe!

and yes, I survived. I'm alive and I was able to blog this.  But this is me after that walk. So much back pains and my hips were aching so bad.

But, the highlight of our night is our surprise Red Velvet cake for Jane - for her Birthday!


Before going home, we visited the Cebu Taoist Temple. Then went back to Manila.


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