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Thursday, September 4, 2014

An old friend

I have an old friend since we were kids.
Our families are friends too.
We were still friends about some time ago.
We were ok.
We just grew apart. So apart.
I know we still like each other.
I do not like to think of bad reasons why we grew apart.
I do not like to think of cheap shit news why we grew apart.
Now, good things are happening to us.
My old friend is about to enter a new chapter of one's book.
And I am definitely NOT a part of it.
Nor, will my old friend be ever a part of mine...
I can still be happy for my new friend...
Even if I know now that friends for my old friend is equated to a currency symbol.
Too bad... We are not friends anymore...
Specially now that my value is appreciating.
Or maybe they never guessed that.
Oh well.. Enjoy the good life...
I know we are better off separated...
I am still sincerely happy for you
even if I am a bit disappointed.

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