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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Willing - Willie – whew! - my escape route!

just saying...
I was watching Willing Willie for his birthday celebration last week. I just ended up using my calculator computing how much he was giving all throughout the show. And oh boy, it was a no joke, blah-blah - 50 million peso game show…  

knowing me, I was crying everytime a contestant would cry. I always just "feel" them. I easily empathize with what they were going through even though I’m blessed to be not living in a shanty or watch T.V. at our neighbor’s house…

I easily laugh with all their kabaduyan, laughed on contestants rolling on the floors, cry with them because they are saying true "honest" words that describes “life” – real life for that matter, dancers doing the same stuff everyday, Shalani’s  –as – if reciting a poem – hosting job!

I am slowly liking the show – much more enjoying Willie’s style of hosting and using money and the people who desperately sold their embarrassment to that lucky 1 – 5 thousand pesos that can help them survive their –“toyo” – and rice meal.

In reality, what we see on T.V. is a known fact that, that is how life really is.

This is maybe how desperate Pinoys can get, rolling on the floor, dancing and looking stupid, praising Willie like he is Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. – These are all understandable… what won’t you do for that jaw dropping cash offers. And in the case of these contestants, 5 thousand is like 5 million. And like what I said, 1 million and a house and lot is hard to ignore even by the rich and by the OFW viewers.

Now, I’m asking, what the hell am I blogging about this show??

I had the ff. choices in mind:
I    I am really moved and touched by their life stories – somehow I can relate – because my life is like trekking the Chocolate Hills in Bohol.
     This is the reality, all the comments were true, and they make me smile because even the slightest live jokes are true. all the crying was real, it was a daily episode of family affairs!!!
     Shalani and Will – playing with each other’s feelings “kuno” and tickling the viewers are a kilig factor trying to match the love teams in their rival teleseryes in the other channels.
            I’m tired of watching the same old teleserye that can easily make me cry – because again, I think I can relate.

I realized that the same night I was watching 
Willing Willie; 
I was in a bad day of emotional battles with people around me, financial issues, hurting dysmenorrhea and among others – BOOM!!!

The show became my “escape route” to make me feel good that there a lot of other people more miserable than me! it may sound harsh, but it is true...   And I have to be thankful to all the angels and saints and most especially to my God and Mama Mary – that I am not a contestant in the show. and that I'm just a viewer watching it from an air-conditioned room on top of my brass bed frames orthopedic mattress... :) 
- call it arrogance, but that is why I have to be thankful and wake myself up - I'm blessed and I have to look forward to living my life a little better. 

the show became my eye opener to move on & get a new life!!!

I ended up praying the rosary

and my novenas after the show!!!

Indeed, I am one Lucky girl. 
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