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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BAGUIO - home far far away from home.

I have my share of places I was able to visit in my time!!!
It may not be as fabulous as everyone else’s destinations, but for now, these are all that I was able to reach.
I have to blame myself for not being a diligent blogger and photographer. Now, I don’t have enough pictures and my stories are not updated and as fresh as it should be. A lot of the pictures, (w/o the tnx google caption) were taken by me with my nearly dying digicam, and the others, I have to thank google. lol!!! pls don't punish me for that!

This is the start of my first traveling blog practice!!! Bear with me as I try to remember all the places I have been to. Pictures are not fresh from the brew, but I believe it’s the essence that counts… Sigh!!

BAGUIO - known as the Summer capital of the Philippines. It said so specially during the 90's because of the cold weather there. I believe that Baguio is the closest feeling Filipinos can have of a snow... For a lot who haven't experienced snow. like me, the coldness and the fog I breath in and out :) is the best experience of "chill" I can have.

I have been goiong to Baguio, since I was 7. But I have to say, that it is just my later visits that I have enjoyed it more. I learned to appreciate the Beauty of Baguio, not only as a tourist but perhaps as an “immigrant” since I can now stay there for as long as I like and I now have lots of friends there. Hehehe! I think that is one funny way to look at it. J

Baguio Country Club is actually me second home away from home when in Baguio. The villas are so big and the feel of the kitchen and the living room is as if I am just at home!! But our visits in these pictures are in one of the suites at the Country Club... living ala lifestyle of the rich and famous...hahahaha!!!

Of course with a car, everything is near. But I have to say, that when commuting, Baguio Country Club is not a good choice. There are other lots of really really good hotels in Baguio.
No questions anymore on the tourist places and amenities Baguio has.. I think even before the D.O.T started the program, they already have their own. J

Let me share to you some of my recent Baguio trips with my family. I know that Baguio will forever be the best place to stay for family bondings, friends "gimiks", and a lot more. I just truly truly hope that we can continue to take our part in taking care of it...

I love Baguio for 5 reasons:

1. the cold wind, the early morning breeze of pine trees... I can walk for a long time and not get soaked in my own sweat, and of course not catch my breath as if I am dying!!!

2. the views, the flowers, the gimikans, (the bars are good for chillax drinking and sometimes get drunk and you will not get so hot because of the weather!) Next are the places I can have pictures... pictures, poses, smiles!!! a photo shoot haven for me. My desperation as a model is shining in Baguio, even just beside the roads are gardens. lol!!! :) love it...

3. Again, the churches. The feeling of solemnity.

4. ooohhhh Strawberry Jams, Ube Jams, veggies, Ukay - Ukays. and mind you, the Taxis in Baguio are good and with  really good and honest drivers!!!

5. Baguio is my Daddy's favorite. I don't mind going back to Baguio again and again, because I always remember all his memories, all the foods he likes, the horse rides for Jerome, pictures for Mommy - excluding the long hours of travelling!!! 

ok... next destination ahead... and enjoy your own Baguio trip... see you around!!!

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