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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

TAGAYTAY - My own groundfloor to paradise!

I have my share of places I was able to visit in my time!!!
It may not be as fabulous as everyone else’s destinations, but for now, these are all that I was able to reach.
I have to blame myself for not being a diligent blogger and photographer. Now, I don’t have enough pictures and my stories are not updated and as fresh as it should be. A lot of the pictures, (w/o the tnx google caption) were taken by me with my nearly dying digicam, and the others, I have to thank google. lol!!! pls don't punish me for that!

This is the start of my first traveling blog practice!!! Bear with me as I try to remember all the places I have been to. Pictures are not fresh from the brew, but I believe it’s the essence that counts… Sigh!!
TAGAYTAY - all over the place
Let me just start with one of my most favorite places... It will always be TAGAYTAY and its heart and its finest TAGAYTAY HIGHLANDS. I consider Tagaytay as my sanctuary.
tnx google! :)
My source of emergency fresh air!!! 

My family frequent to Tagaytay ever since. joart and I too always have Tagaytay in mind when we want to take a break from everything...

When in Tagaytay, a visit to Tierra de Maria is never missed. The presence of the huge and high statue of Mama Mary is an assurance that I am taken cared of & comforted – despite the excitement and the purpose of my travel. It may sound like a Bisita Iglesia, but there are days that I would visit the two other churches – Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes and the Mother of Perpetual Help Parish Church, both along Tagaytay roads... Next is the Pink Sisters convent… you just want to sit there and pray and write wishes, and sit and pray!!!

tierra de maria
perpetual help
pink sisters
lourdes shrine - tnx google!
I don’t know why, but there is something about the coldness, the pine trees and the view of the lake that makes me meditate and always pray…. J It is as if I’m in the ground floor of my spiritual paradise.

a view from the restaurant strip
The strip of restaurants, without naming all of them, is an answered prayer. Choose all you want and you will be satisfied for the rest of your stay.  
my girl

Well, nothing goes wrong with Starbucks and Dencio's. But my favorite is the local shop – Ooohh, the hot chocolate and the chicken ala king pies, steak and mushroom English pie, the coffee is so pure and addicting. Plus of course the luscious gardens and the scent of fresh eucalyptus and the romantic candle lights that lits the stairway down… the birds chirping...  – BAG OF BEANS is always a must-have when I’m in my city!! (Yes, I own it). Next Tagaytay Original is the Mushroom Burger… no explanations needed why they become so popular. Another is Antonio’s and of course the Bulalos at Leslies… hehehe!!!

oohh lala.. the best

oozzing hot choco..sarap!!

a nice tambayan.. introduced to me by jy cuzin sarabeth, and thus,
now my next to starbucks the best and most romantic coffee shop!!!


Then, Joart dared to trek the Taal volcano, We went down to Talisay, Batangas (as I was told hehehe!) as the drop off point to start the hell of a boat ride to the volcano!!! 
taal volcano boat rides

me with lara

joart with gary
We took the 45 minutes boat ride to the other side of the lake… unfortunately, my panic attack “mode” hit me… since, we need to ride those ponies (I’m not sure, but small looking horses J) to go up the crater of the volcano or walk for an hour!!! I did not bother asking the distance anymore!!! Knowing ME, who fell from two huge horse rides in Baguio, and the thought of a one hour walk – I said – pass!!! The boat ride in itself is an experienced already… the water was said to be sooo deep and the boat ride at the time was so bumpy. Knowing I cannot swim… I took two life vests with me!!!  J hahaha!!!

next stop:
Since Tita Dolly acquired the two condominiums inside Tagaytay Highlands… our visits became more frequent. There are days that we will just chill in the house and cook foods or eat out, dine at the Highlands restaurants (there are a lot). The highlands Steak House and the clubhouse restaurants are my most visited places. But, most of all, the cable cars ride and funicular ride to the mountain sides are the best treats!!!  J
The proximity of Tagaytay to me is also  its Geography’s gift to me!!! I can just go there and go back home…

I guess a lot of nice words can be used to describe the place... but it is so beautiful, peaceful, lovable, special and romantic not only because of the cool breeze or the volcano view, but I guess it is because of all the memories I have when I’m here… and most specially, because, I always go here with the one/s I love!!! 
oh well.. too much for one place... next destination... coming up
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