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Thursday, December 16, 2010

pigment of my memory

just saying...

Every love affair has their own story.
I guess we are nearing our death.
Or maybe, this is the phase where we will die and get resurrected
And be what we used to be – in love and happy.
Or maybe this is the part that I am dreaming
And hoping that all these are not true.
That we are still happy.
That we are still going to be happy.

I used to have a folder of poems of how happy we are
How much we love each other
How in love we were…
A compilation of our happiest feelings
They were reminders of the kind of love we were sharing
Maybe they are our promises that we will stay that way
Or maybe, reminders that if we no longer have that state
We should fight for our love over and over again…

Now I just realized, those poems I’ve written for us
Are maybe meant to stay on those papers
Just a written pigment of my memory
For I have to face what is real
That we are not happy anymore
The love might still be there
But I guess the rest is gone
Just like a dream
I can’t remember them,
when I opened my eyes to reality.
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