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Thursday, July 10, 2014


pure love is questionable, but sometimes it is unbreakable.

"You don't get to choose, you just fall in love and you get this person who is all wrong and all right at the same time. And you know you love them so much except sometimes they drive you completely insane- no one can explain it. And the reason it's so confusing is because it's love, and if love didn't have challenges, what would be the point?"
Joart and I just celebrated our 16 years of partnership. I am with mixed emotions. But I know this is something that cannot be taken for granted. We are remarkable. We can be an MMK candidate or a Valentine movie. In reality, we are really in-love; either to the idea of being in-love or to each other, it doesn't matter.

I saw this quote once a long time ago and I kept it in my notepad since then. I never tried memorizing it but I know I clearly remember the thought by heart.

16 long years of love (and hate. Hehe!!). Years of laughter and very long nights of tears. But almost a lifetime already of commitment to take care of each other when you are both sick. To just "be there" because you know that there is always someone who expects you to be their other end of the line. Undeniably, This must be something.
"Todo nang effort to!"

We've gone through storms stronger than Yolanda, we hit rock bottom already.  Now, even we, ask both ourselves what is it that made us stay together?

Maybe that is it... We never asked. We never doubted. We never questioned. We jaut don't wanna be apart - happy or not. Hehehe!!!

Prayer really works. Sometimes, that's the only thing that made us stick together. The strenght to still be with each other. The signs we get whether we have to keep going or to go away. Surprisingly, Jesus always makes some magic to show some itsy bitsy hope that maybe He still wants to see some of our  mala-teleseryeng love story.

After all... He is my Dao Ming Zi and I'm his San Chai.  We are each other's kryptonite at the same time that we are also each other's spinach! (just trace the logic. Hehe!) ;-)

Again... No fancy pictures in white or long papers with several signatures could define what we have...  A lot has happened that can't lead us there - YET. But since, you don't walk on our shoes and don't bother trying on... It won't ever fit- no room for questions... For the meantime.

Our mistakes - our efforts to make it right.
And mind you... These times are really big effort to change things for the better and bring back whatever is good from the past.

We may not be in a perfect situation of what you define as perfect in your perfect world... Some bad decisions were a choice in the past BUT Happiness is a chance for us now. 

For now, we kindda still need each other to complete whatever is lacking in our imperfect world. At least, give us that. ♥

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