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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Samsons meet the Von Trapps

It is indeed another sort of a "reunion" again for my Samson family for the nth time.

It is one October Thursday night after Celene's birthday, before Tito Wewe and Tito Edgar's birthday; that we rolled all this October occasions into one celebration... in style --  Marriot Buffet and Resorts World Stage Play – to sum it up.

We all met each other at the Marriott hotel already; we have almost half of the restaurant filled with just us (that is because we are almost 30+). A very sumptuous buffet can make us all smile. Knowing us -- we love to eat and we love to eat together.

I spent my first minutes walking around each parts of the buffet, from the appetizers, salads, desserts, Japanese and Chinese foods, the all Italian and Seafoods area and of course – the Chocolate fondue as tall as Nea!

Ohh… I love most specially the Peking duck and the Mongolian rice! The others opted for the seafoods – scallops, baked oysters, prawns and crabs. Wines on the table, cheesecakes and coffee afterwards… ooohhhh la-la!!!

I wasn't able to take some pictures—the pictures you will see below are from my ☺ dear friend – Google (search). I won’t take any credits for it, but I really don’t know who took them. I have also included a link to one blog which has good pictures and really explained the Marriott buffet, better than I could.

this blog below has good contents about the Marriott Buffet. Good thing we ate almost the same foods... 

Enjoy and hope to see you there!!!

from Google

from Google

from Google

from Google

NOW… after the dinner we all went straight to the Newport Theater.
We watched the almost 3 hours musical stage play – THE SOUND OF MUSIC.

And again, we are one happy family on a field trip…

Well, for me, there is no problem watching one of my all time favorites movie.
I have watched the DVD of this movie a number of times already.
But, because Nea is with me, I let her watched the DVD first a couple of days before we went to the play. And gladly, that idea was effective. I am surprised that she remembered names and characters. Every time one character would come out, she will tell me, “Ma, so that is Maria, and that is Liesl, and that is Brigitta”.

She was quite particular in looking for Brigitta, she was expecting Atasha Muhlach, too bad that on that night it wasn’t Atasha who played the part.

Maria that night was Cris Villongco who I must say did not disappoint me even if I was expecting Joanna Ampil. Cris was very good and she did good justice to Maria, There are times she would have almost the same voice intonations as that of Julie Andrews when she delivers her lines.
And of course, Broadway and Theater superstars - Audie Gemora, Pinky Marquez and Pinky Amador made the play much more special and really very beautiful. Indeed it is also one powerhouse cast!

Fortunately, we had the best seats that Nea was able to appreciate not only the great voices but the very lucrative set design. It almost matched everything that is in the movie. The widest LED widescreen (in Aisa, that is) captivates the audience’s eyes! - WELL IT WAS PAUL SORIANO WHO PRODUCED THE DIGITAL EFFECTS AND VIDEOS! maybe, that is why it was also charming!

from google

from Blog Philippines
The songs are all there in the play. Sometimes, not in the same order as how it was shown in the movie but nonetheless, the whole story was the same. The ideas are complete; sometimes even the dialogues are the same.

Before watching it, I suggest you get yourself a copy first of the DVD (if you are not familiar with the movie) for you to fully appreciate the story, the songs, the sets, the script and why it was that long. (the movie itself is over 2 hours, how much more or less could they do it in the play? Right?) funny, that even the interlude in the movie was used in the play, they gave a 15 minute break in the whole 3 hours play… they even stopped at the exact scene the movie was cut as well.

The best part of it too was that - the SOUND OF MUSIC WAS ALL PLAYED BY THE MANILA PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA - LIVE! (of course, Jacq!☺whew!☺) The Play was directed by Roxanne Lapus and the Costumes were by Francis Libiran - Good job to them!!!

Below is the Resorts World link for the play with the ticket prices, the performers and show schedules.

Here is also a link to another Blog who showcased a lot of pictures that I am sharing to you... good thing that her site lets visitors share the pictures that they would like.. http://www.recyclebinofamiddlechild.com/2011/10/resorts-world-presents-sound-of-music.html

It was quite a long night. Sometimes, one night like this do not only fill the tummy, but also the heart. Our never ending chit-chats and usual passing of plates at the dinner table is just one true sign – that we are always not only connected by blood – but we are bound by love!!! ☺☺☺
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