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Sunday, June 26, 2011


I was confined at the hospital for three days.

 - Well not me, it was Joart!

 He has been sick for months already come to think of it, because of a recurrent back pain until to his right pelvis and that whole hip area. Last Wednesday he had high fever and was chilling. I was convincing him to take medicines such as a paracetamol for the fever (he is not used to taking meds - as in!) which he "patiently" rejected. The following morning, I know he still has fever. That time, the "convincing" was not so hard anymore because he was already in so much pain.

As usual, being hot tempered that he is... I have to understand.

I have to deal with the sluggishness and laziness to get up - which by the way, I think was just a delaying tactic because he knew he'd be facing those needles again!!! (",)

When we were at the hospital, constant yelling and disagreement was expected - not necessarily directed to me but because he was really in pain.

Still, I have to understand.  

After the series of tests (which he all failed, urinalysis has high RBC count and among others) and injections…he felt a little better and was a bit relieved of the pains. We finally got the results and decided that we should be admitted already, since it was not a typical UTI. Aside from the kidney stones problem that was diagnosed, the doctors advised a general check up to know his complete blood chemistry / results. They are suspecting more problems like his blood sugar, cholesterol, uric acid. Lung examinations / chest x-rays were also done since he is a very bad chain smoker!!! The doctors requested for an IVPS (It was sooo expensive so I decided to forget the whole meaning). It was like an x-ray test but more complicated since he needs to be injected with some kind of medical dye and have to be x-rayed several times and needs to stay on bed for the whole one hour process!!! This is to really know the exact size and location of the suspected kidney stones.

What is happening??

When you are about to sleep… your patient would call you because he needs help for his IV… next, when you can’t sleep, he sleeps peacefully. When confined in a hospital, you will miss your bed so much because you will just sleep on a sofa bed beside the patient’s “reclining bed”. Thankfully we got a nice room that has a clean and beautiful comfort room, so bathroom concerns (which are the biggest for me) is not a problem. Being a “bantay” is also as if you are also sick. Plus, when your patient is Joart, from time to time, you’ll get loud voices of commands, sometimes soft tones of pleases. I guess when you are with a certain person for almost half of your life; you will learn to just let everything pass right through both ears… seamlessly!!! And sarcastically smile and say – “ok ka lang ba?” (L)

So after almost 3 days of being stuck in that room… it is not the sickness and the lab results that I was anxious of… it is how much more can I bear the pain of getting hurt, getting mad, annoyed, bullied. I was also trying to count  How much more will this being happy, laughing, not sleeping and having good talks will last?

The good news:

He was well. Kidney stones were small, although proven to be recurrent because of his high uric acid. All blood chem results were above the normal range, so we have another schedule for our internist. His urologist cleared his kidneys but gave medicines and we have a scheduled of series of check ups to maintain the state of his kidneys. ( after having both our dads died for kidney failure – kidney issues are like “life threats” for us already). Fortunately and unbelievably that his lungs / chest x-rays are clear.. so he went on smoking again. J - inside the room by the window!!! L  

It is the rough times like these that you can test how much you value each other and how much you love each other… Simple gestures/phrase like, “sige, matulog ka na”, or “kuha ka ng magandang kwarto na kumportable kang magbantay” (I was about to get a suite… hehehe! – of course I did not – just the junior one!) or “ mauna ka ng kumain”, “ asking for your hand while he was sleeping – as if he never held your hand before”. “ leaning his head on your shoulders when he was really dizzy”, “saying, how beautiful the nurses were, but I was the most beautiful of them - shallow as it seems… (walang basagan ng trip. J) – But  in times that you are waiting for your medical records and doctor’s final prognosis whether you are good or ill – this is the best time you can just show feelings that you’ve probably been hiding for years… perhaps my perfect timing to be loved again.

Bottomline: at the end of the day, no matter what happens, the call of duty and love will prove not only true love – but also endurance -  patience – acceptance – forgiveness – sacrifices we are willing to give, lastly – commitment.

No name titles, papers, agreements, or words or pictures or videos are needed just to prove how to be that “one special person to someone else – just a call of duty and love.

And this is the test of time we can humbly say – we passed!!! Get well soon Joart!
 I love you mahal!
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