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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We are the Samson(s)

We are the Samson

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!
                                            ~Albert Einstein
One can be called lucky not because of how many times good fate and chances have landed their doorstep. One’s luck is always said to be by choice… but for me, one luck we did not choose but was God given was to be a member of my “FAMILY”.  - Jacq

You don't choose your family.  They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.  ~Desmond Tutu

We are the SAMSON(s).
Read on as we take you to our memory lanes of why we are lucky, why we are happy and how much we value each other…

Yes, the Samsons may sound like a bit of the “Simpsons” (hehehe). But yes, like them, we are united and we are connected by love. You may have heard some stories about us already, good or bad, (very common for – royalties) J
But one thing is a sure fire hit – no one can mess with one of us – or else, you will have all of us back at you? ( amen, kids????)

Blood's thicker than water, and when one's in trouble
Best to seek out a relative's open arms.
~Author Unknown

To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there. 
~Barbara Bush

 Now, let us start with the King and Queen.
Jose Samson and Marcela Rivera had a “love story “. And as how every love story goes, they lived happily ever after. They started modestly with their living, tried hard, worked hard and yes, they did earned hard (real hard I guess).

Jose Samson, popularly known as “jope” and TATAY Peping to us was a silent spoiler. He looks strict, and yes, always holds the broomstick for dual purposes. One, for the flies, and 2, to scare us (the big kids now) if we were bad. He is very loving and would really cuddle you on his lap, asks for a kiss once in a while and in J.P.’s case, always bring you anywhere and lets you eat anything in the farm. He doesn’t like shouting and running. (Lucky for you now, younger kids).

He doesn’t like fighting – now, that is one of his best legacy… have you ever heard our parents, the brothers and the two sisters fight real hard? I mean, as in hate each other like they were strangers? Yes, occasional “ tensions” occur, but who cares? that is the spice of life. One thing that is proven – they love each other, and even if there are times that as much as they like to hate each other – they simply can’t. –BIG NO! Because, as SAMSONs, we got and we will get each other’s back and it is that immeasurable amount of love that we carry with each other even if we are miles apart. We are like cell phones connected with one network. Are trained to love each other, accept each other and help each other.

Now, Marcela Samson, “nana Cela to all, but NANAY Cela to us”. She is the epitome of love, care and simply put – THE NATATANGING INA”, the mother that gave all of her life just to look after each one of us. The original “padrino”. Nanay is the true “glue” that binds us all. Observe this, if not for Nanay (who, whether she admits or not, wants every family complete on our Sunday bondings) our get togethers and family occasions will not be as merrier and as messier as it is! She never gets tired of cooking her famous “sinampalukan manok, fried chicken, spaghetti, Hito and buro and menudo” and serve it… and to quote Tito Edgar, “For 30 years, since I went here in Makinabang, it is the same food over and over again – and it hasn't changed” . I think those ginataang bilo-bilo and palitaw has “gayuma” that hooks us all, that makes us request for it again and again.
We all grew up, listening to Nanay’s “speeches” and “orations” ( in tagalog – sermon and litanya ala Marcela style J J J) – that is who she is… she can’t sleep without knowing if every family is ok. She can’t stop asking what is going on with all of us – simply because she cares!! And like Tatay, Nanay’s legacy ( I think) is to make us complete – to make us a “whole unit functioning as one”.  And why the original padrino?? – think of things how we made lambing to nanay? Did Nanay made all the best efforts just as so we can have it??? She did!!!! Now, that is one “silent” fairy godmother that we have too. (let us not talk about the “de latas” ok) moving on…….

Come to think of it, they really did complemented each other, right???

It is not only the mother of Villar who can claim her victory. Our dear Tatay and Nanay,  also deserves the honor – “they raised the roof” and “pulled every strings” to make ends meet -  and give the world the best daughters and sons every family could have.

And as they say always, the rest is history.

To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.  ~Barbara Bush

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.  Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.  ~Jane Howard

Here comes the Next in line to the thrones:

Ding, Dick, Dolly, Delia, Coco, Dan, Dante and Wewe.

They are 8 and we need 8 thrones!!!

Wow, they are like an octopus… eight tentacles that joined hands together and made the best futures for all of us “Samsonites – generation”. And possibly even for our “Samsonites – 3rd gens)

It would be hard and it may take another story for the eight kids… 

let us simply put it this way – they are who they wanted to be, who others wanted to be, they have what they have and what others want to have – one thing the rest can’t just take away from them is their parents “ LEGACY” - the fact that they are the sons and daughters of Jope and Cela.

As being said always, - They are the SAMSON BROTHERS, and they are the SAMSON SISTERS! Beat that!!!

The Princes and the Princesses

Let us feel the name people!!! Let us own it. Claim it! Live it!! J

As I write this, I tried to count… but we are many, and since we know who we are, forget it... moving on….

Now I understand how hard it was for Nanay to prepare plates and utensils every time we “invade” the “Palace”.

We all grew up in sleepovers, out of town trips, birthday celebrations or even just any dinner together…

We are all used to have a headcount… we grew up as if we were like an “entourage” always.

They made us that way… haven’t you observed it, we like going to birthdays, all together? We like going to malls all together? We like travelling all together – and we travel in style, men!!! We just want to be together even just sitting at one living room! At one point, we all have the same facialist, right? We liked the same foods. We talk about the same things – sensible or not.  

There is this certain bond that links us… not everyone may be as close to each other, maybe just because of age. But nothing can come ever between us.

(I - promise nyo yan!!!)

I am just proud to know that as cousins, as sons and daughters of this “FAMILY”.

Amen??? AMEN!!!

Now raise your hands and  bow those heads to the Royalties… (tayo yun ha!)
Clap clap clap!!! ( for us)
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