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Friday, October 11, 2013

Signal # 8

Santi was in town and so were the amigas in my kitchen!!!

It was Storm signal number 2 last Friday (Oct. 10) here in Bulacan. My house seemed Signal number 6!
I have a feeling that I will get outbursts of violent reactions after this post. Bwahahaha!!!

It was a bit planned that we will meet today, but since classes were suspended, the plan became a "must go" luncheon date that extended until dinner.

As usual, the loud laughs roared the kitchen area. Add the giggling voices of the kids around.
Just imagine how chaotic my kitchen was thenwhole they were here.

The best part is, each have foods for everyone. Menu for the day is:

For Lunch: Kare-kare, Lengua, Menudo,Adobong Pusit, Baliwag Chicharon.
For Snacks: Puto bungbong, spanish bread, ensaymada, pan de coco.
For Dinner: Chickenjoy for the kids, Bonchon, Beef Bulgogi, Kimchi, Menudo and the kid's leftovers for the adults. Hehehe!
On the sides: Lanzones, Mangosteen, Coke, Avocado tea, a bag of chips.

     The girls present are Laurice Ann - (our hiya kuno and makeover model contestant), Maritess - (the umayos ka/versions queen), Michelle - (the on and off absentee/skype queen), Winona - (the kadirt expression queen/balat sibuyas) and Mary Joy - (the high pitched/high blood facial queen). Together with all of their kids, we spent the whole afternoon until dinner - eating, playing (each one's ipad games) ,chatting and planning all of our coming "lakads" specially now that we are counting the days before Mitch finally leaves for Canada. 

      Absent today are - Renalyn (the original butangera pack up queen - the loudest of them all) was absent because she needs to be with her hubby and to finish her chores. Josefina (the high heeled boots 2nd butangera queen) was out somewhere in Manila with her relatives. It was a good thing that I was able to force Winona to get out of her house despite her severe colds. (she only takes chewable vit.c's coz she is scared of taking tablets and capsules). 

      The ladies busied themselves with their games and their several storiesy, mostly about them. (So those not around us need not worry, because we don't talk about you - except for Renalyn and Josefina. Hahahaha!!!!) We are all "madaldal". We are all "mababaw". We are all "matakaw". So a rainy day is a good pig out day.

     This friendship was unexpected and at the same unique. This is just a baby relationship that's just starting to grow. It will still go through a lotof test before it proves its strenght. At least for now, it is showing a lot of maturity, willingness, dedication and most importantly love and care - to prove not only its strenght but also its worth. 

     I believe that the most valuable idea here is that no matter when and where we will meet the people in our lives... People who eventually will become special. special like - sometimes annoying, and sometimes funny and sometimes lovable, and sometimes dramatic, sometimes sensitive, sometimes densed. Also special - like they become your critics, the mega pintaseras,  your advisers, your "ka-asaran", your "kaaway", your "kaiyakan", your "kakampi", your "taga-away". Hahaha!!! They become a reflection of what you like, they change you... Hopefully for the better always. They can also become a fearful  chapter... A fear that you will leave each other behind, most specially if that happens so soon.

But for now... Just let the good times roll. And we better keep'em rolling. This is just a start of something good. 
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