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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I guess this is one example of things we provide for our kids that even how expensive it could get - it still seems priceless!!

The summer of Nea this 2012 perhaps is the most productive we could have since she was young. We had several summer activities through the years, but since due to her "a bit poor" health before, it took us this long before we have our --- SWIMMING LESSONS.
Swimming Lessons so far is the best I can give her this summer. I believe that when she gets good at this... she will forever be thankful for being able to swim - unlike mom!! (hehehe!!!) But her papa wants something more - he wants her to continue the lessons until she becomes fast and really good - good enough to be an athlete maybe... someday. well nothing bad about that. except... we'd be so "tan" / "dark" oh my!!!

It also become more fun for her everytime her cousin Florence would join in her sessions.

Thank you, Coach Gilbert and Coach Redge of http://www.bertlozadaswimschool.com/bulacan-stpaulsanrafael.html  in St. Paul College, San Rafael.



THIS IS THE VENUE - Thankfully, St. Pauls have a pool already.

Nea still on level 1 here.. enjoying the sun as she gets so "dark" each day. Of course I wouldn't mind the color as long as she gets those freestyles and strokes. :))
 Nea doing her new routines here with Coach Gilbert... I am happy that she seems eager and really interested...
All smiles for the stage mom who keeps on taking pictures.
Everytime I watch her in the pool, I can't help but envy her. First for being jsut in the pool, Second, I also would like to enroll for the lesson. Could it be too late? But as much as I want to.. I don't have the luxury of time to do it. Someday, I will really plan it for it myself.
And here is the visitor - Florence. 
Our dear Florence enjoying her own kiddie pool. She enjoys swimming alone... but Coach Redge and Coach Gilbert are calling her to join ate Nea in the big pool. I was asking them if Florence can start her lessons already.. they were testing Florence if she wouldn't cry or get scared... it took some time.. Maybe she'll have the lessons after her Ballet lessons in Makati.  

Nea is on her Level 2 already.. starting her Backstrokes and practicing her floats and swing of arms... I'm getting excited.


Our lessons are still ongoing. I know we still have a long way to take and long hours to learn, swim and train.
We are still "young" and I am proud that my daughter is doing something she loves...
and that We are able to give it to her...
Next stop?? we'll see!!!
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