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Saturday, September 20, 2008


just saying...


A rose with thorns in her heart

Hangs in a hanging bridge

Of what may come!

Once a princess in your heart

Is now a rag of stains in your thoughts.

All I’ve ever wanted

Is perfect happiness around your arms

I never meant to be

A pain your ass

A problem to be solved

A cross for you to carry

A burden for you to load.

Never did I imagine

That in the years we’ve spent our lives,

We maybe apart then

But together again now

I did not plan nor think

Of hurting you, of causing you tears and pain.

With my actions that causes your nerve to rise,

With my words that makes your blood go high,

I really mean to say,

Next time, if not perfect at all

I’ll be very good just to deserve your love.

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