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Tuesday, March 29, 2011



After my long road trip to Cagayan and other parts of Mindanao, I went straight to BOHOL. After 24 hours on seas, at 6:00 am I finally reached the ports of Bohol. It was surprising to see the little native Boholanos as they welcome our ferry… Bohol style. They were floating at the sides of the ferry – literally swimming side by side the ferry. They are asking the tourists to throw out some coins and they would dive wherever the coin falls regardless how deep it would reach. And yes, they can get it they were like fishes waiting for bread. Surprising, but a bit disturbing.

As we reach the port, we met our tour guide. There he was with a companion, waiting plus the white van (again) that we will be using in the whole of our trip. He brought us straight to Panglao Island. It was a one hour drive from Tagbilaran City. When we reached the Bohol Dive Club Resort, we got to our cottage and WOW!!! It was like a whole Nipa hut house. And another WOW!!! for the very beautiful beach!!!. Before we really “inspected” the whole cottage, I can’t help myself but really jump and roll and play with the VERY soft, white and powdery sands of PANGLAO BEACH. I must say, going to Boracay first and then Panglao? It was a good comparison, but I’m loving Panglao more. The sands are better in all aspects. The whole place is  not as commercialized or even as developed, but that is where the true beauty is. The simplicity of the whole place is what that really compliments the swimming pool like, crystal clear water. It literally glitters as the sun’s rays kiss the bluish-greenish water.

Well, we rested for a while and hit the beach right away. Our tour guide offered a dolphin watching tour for the next day. We took it, paid 5,000 for a boat ride for like 2 hours, float around, - dolphin – no show!!! Sad!!! We were told that we are already almost near Cebu, a boat ride for another 1 ½ hour, we will be in Cebu. Had I known right away, I would have packed some things other than my shorts and snorkeling attire so I can walk around Cebu!!!
Starting the day with the no show dolphins won’t make me so disappointed. The long day has just began!

Next stop is the Blood compact shrine. As usual, it was all statues of the historical figures.

Then we went to Baclayon and Loboc Church. And that took my breath away. The antique altars, floorings, the whole architecture – wow!! A must see!
i love these pics...
Baclayon church:

Loboc churches:

We visited the HINAGDANAN CAVE, literally, cave with stairs in its natural rock formation. what is special about this, is the Hot spring inside the cave. Nice cave. but we did not bother swimming in the hot spring because it was soo full of people!!! hehehe.

After that we went straight to the very famous CHOCOLATE HILLS. But on our way there, we stopped for a while to their famous MAN MADE FOREST. It was quite a long stretch of trees, mahogany, narra, etc. that lined the road. They told us that it was a protected area, literally a forest. Created by the Bohol provincial gov’t as part of their eco-tourism. It was very beautiful.

Now here we are at the Chocolate Hills. It took me almost a 100 steps or more… before reaching the top. The view deck was like the Mines View Park of Baguio, only a little bigger. From here, you can a 360 degrees view of the whole CHOCOLATE HILLS area. Breathtaking view. They were really like giant Kisses chocolates. Going down was a long stretch of ramp for people in wheel chairs. I think that was thoughtful and very considerate. I used that. It’s easier to just glide going down. At the park, I saw some ATVs. I inquired for what is that for. Where would you use an ATV in the Hills?? And the manong said: Yes mam, si Aga Muhlach nag ATV dyan sa baba ng mga chocolate. And I smiled – big smile, yep, really big smile and wide eyes – “talaga po? Magkano? And he said, 2,000 mam, isang oras. At first I was like, WTF!!! But then, I thought, I’m in Bohol, I’m at the foot of my CHOCOLATE HILLS from the books. So go!!!! Go!!!! Go!!!

The experience was really unforgettable!! It was so great. It was like a movie scene! I wish Aga was there! Hehehe.
After the hills, on our way back, we then decided to take now the LOBOC boat ride. We did not take the floating restaurant. We were told by an insider (Boholano) that it is better to take the boats only because it could reach farther places than in the floating restaurant. Of course I met there the famous TARSIER!!! He looks so fragile, tiny, and cute. He seems sweet, because he would just sit still in your hand. No signs of temper in him.

While in the boat ride, we reached the falls, the long stretch of the already green river. They said it is about 10 bamboos deep. We reached the part where the fireflies would show up by 6pm. So we waited a little. It was scary to be floating in that deep river, thickly covered with trees and shrubs. But upon seeing the fireflies… another WOW!!! I must be dreaming. It must be another movie scene. Sadly I was with some old peeps and not with my love team at that time. Lol!!!

And when we were on the stop to go down from the boat, I fell in the river.. all were screaming and the tour guides literally jumped on me, grabbed my hand, and it was only my arms that are on the steps, to keep me from sinking. I don’t even know how to swim!!! Oh good Lord!!! What a way to not make me forget Loboc River.

The whole Bohol trip is unforgettable. I will definitely come back. It may not look like the Caribbean or the beaches of Hawaii, but the exotic beauty is what is really captivating. It is so beautiful, makes you feel proud to be a tourist, much more, that we own it. That is one beautiful tourist place that is “Proudly Pinoy”. 
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