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Thursday, October 28, 2010

describing life from google

just saying...
here are the random pictures of my life... 
(all from google when i was browsing)
they all reflected and explained 
my state of mind, life and heart ...







Everything has its time… time to be gone and be back. 

Time to 
and leave…

what if my time is out?????

I am now jailed by my own decisions of not letting go of those things that should have been set freed a long time ago.
I am now counting the years of my existence and happy are those who have found their rightful places in this Earth.


A friend told me to just go with the flow… he said: “ ayos lang yun, sumama ka na lang sa agos… para hindi ka masaktan” … I said: “ what if I’m about to reach the end of a waterfall”…  he said: “ e d ayos, mataas ang tatalunan” …  Me: [with so much things on my head that I wanted to explain to him…] I just answered with doubt and with a smile: I’m afraid of heights !!!
maria cristina falls - i took it when i went in Cagayan, Iligan, Bukidnon, etc

Funny! Short, true, but still funny! We have just equated our lives to the, perhaps, rapids of a river! We have just compared our maybe sad lives to the waters falling from the falls.

like misery,
and sadness 
are always best with friends!
my ecstasy of questions

I have just realized that decision making should not be the hardest part of letting go, but instead, it is the “after party” of the deciding (main event)  And now, I know, I can never decide, because I never wanted to attend the “after party”.


 Life was never the same. And it will never be. It is true that we can never bring back any part of yesterday. I will only have pictures in my memory of both satisfactions and regrets but never contentment. 

I just can’t help but sometimes question my own life, and yes sometimes my God, Why!. Why is it that if He has control in all of this, in all of me, has he allowed these things to happen to me, knowing that I will not be ok afterwards…  with a heart full of doubt, it just hit me… true enough, that it is because of all these things that I was able to be ME now. That I was able to hold on the same cross that I thought I was carrying… I was not carrying it after all.. it was lying on my back to assure me I can make it through all these mess, I – Myself – have gotten into.

is to
- but me!

It just makes me so f*&%!ng irritated and really pissed to hear people complain and always blame others for their own miseries and desperations. Diba sabi nga, when we point the blame to other people, may natitira pang 4 na daliri na nakaturo din satin. Can’t you stop and think, maybe the problem is not with all of us, and maybe it was you all along!!! Maybe it was you after all? Maybe we were all like this because of you!


As always, after all the turmoil and ecstasy that I have dealt with… still, I am standing strong. I am not really happy and proud of where I am now, but at least, I don’t know how it happened or who taught me… because still, I am not losing hope that like what Bob Marley will always say.. “Everything is gonna be alright!   

the enchanted kingdom roller coaster, always seen never riden

Life will always be that roller coaster ride… and sadly… I have never been in a roller coaster… 

But I’ve travelled by plane, by cruise, by ship, by boat, by a car, a 4x4, name it… all with a bumpy ride, and went out of it alive…

Maybe my survival will depend on my next ride.. It is for me to take and for me to finish… as long as it is not a roller coaster!

 I cannot afford to just cross the bridge when I get there.. I need to be ready before the bridge, because maybe after I cross it, there is no turning back of what I have left in the other side…
the very famous bridge in Paris where Carrie kissed Big - my dream scene in my life!!!

iceberg - true beauty lies beneath
 and finally.... the best ever reason why i still believe... the beauty of my life do not depend on what is just infront of me.. my beauty is not only skin deep.. it is this big heart inside and the good mind on top of my head that always give me hope, strenght and wisdom to move forward and carry on!!


So don't you bring me down today.. or not ever!!!

I am like my chocolates... sweet. dark. reliable. your happy vitamins!


and this explains it all... haha!!

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